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Autographed Zeke Owens Acetate book

$125.00 $200.00

VERY LIMITED! ONLY A FEW LEFT SIGNED FOR THE TAMPA TATTOO CONVENTION "The Original" Zeke Owens acetate book over 550 drawings and 44 pages of vintage flash on hard stock paper covered in a plastic clear front and a black plastic back for years of enjoyment. This book has been registered with the Library of Congress but feel free to use it for references and tattoos for your customers. A great coffee table book or conversation piece. Due to my father's age and health his signature is very shaky and inconsistant on some of the acetate books. Thanks for your understanding. Shipping overseas and to Canada requires additional shipping cost on all items. Upon checkout we will revise shipping costs through email.

Shown at the Tampa Tattoo Convention 2016 . All art certified and recognized by the Library of Congress and the Mozisek family.